1. You Can’t Catch Me by The Rolling Stones on Spotify


  2. This year I worked harder and longer than ever to prepare for the west-coast festival season. In the span of 3 months I created 2 sets (135 minutes) of new material by pulling 10-12 hour studio days whenever possible. Despite always being a beautiful and heartfelt experience this project took an emotional toll on me. That is why the one hour performance is always such a short and sweet moment. At the end of this year’s group hug I cried - sobbed even - harder than I can remember in years.

    The inspiration for this mix runs far and wide. There are many individuals whose kind words of support help keep me going. Knowing the positive effect my work has achieved gives a special kind of indescribable feeling. But the most tangible source of inspiration comes from the grace and patience of my wife, Rebecca. Far more than anyone else she makes it possible for me to keep making music as abundantly as I can so she deserves credit for this too!

    Massive thanks goes to BassCoast - the festival of my favorite group of people in the world. The depth of love I have for all of you is hard to explain, but can be characterized by the intense emotion that comes from the hundreds-strong group hug we shared after my set this year. Thank you all so very much!

    01 - The Temptations - My Girl (JPOD remix)
    02 - George Symonette - Don’t Touch Me Tomato (JPOD remix)
    03 - Little Richard - Rip It Up (JPOD remix)
    04 - Rosemary Clooney - Sway (JPOD remix)
    05 - Frankie Anderson - The Limbo Song (JPOD remix)
    06 - Gipsy Kings - Volare (JPOD remix)
    07 - Martha & The Vandellas - Dancing In The Street (JPOD remix)
    08 - The Four Tops - Can’t Help Myself (JPOD remix)
    09 - Celia Cruz - Oye Como Va (JPOD remix)
    10 - The Temptations - The Way You Do (JPOD remix)
    11 - Sam Cooke - Change Is Gonna Come (JPOD remix)
    12 - Harry Belafonte - Banana Boat Song (JPOD remix)
    13 - Willie Colon - La Murga De Panama (JPOD remix)
    14 - Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is (JPOD remix)
    15 - Smokey Robinson - Never My Love (JPOD remix)


  3. I used some artifacts acapellas to cut together a grimey drum and bass track. I don’t usually make drum and bass so I wanted to get my hands a lil dirty. Enjoy


  4. Next to You by Poolside on Spotify

  5. Slow Magic - Corvette Cassette - Audiotree Live

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